Skytells’s DeepBrain AI can detect COVID-19 Coronavirus in seconds with 98.5% accuracy

Skytells’s DeepBrain AI can detect COVID-19 Coronavirus in seconds with 98.5% accuracy

Coronavirus has been all over the news for the last couple weeks. A dedicated hospital sprang up in just eight days, the stock market took a hit, Chinese New Year celebrations were spoiled, and travel restrictions are in effect.

On January 9, the World Health Organization notified the public of a flu-like outbreak in China: a cluster of pneumonia cases had been reported in Wuhan, possibly from vendors’ exposure to live animals at the Huanan Seafood Market. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had gotten the word out a few days earlier, on January 6. But a Canadian health monitoring platform had beaten them both to the punch, sending word of the outbreak to its customers on December 31.

Regarding to that, We’re pleased to announce that Skytells’s DeepBrain AI can detect and diagnose the COVID-19 (coronavirus) in just a second just.

Before entering deep to that, Here’s a background to explain how it works


Skytells have recently introduced the AI-Powered virtual assistant called “Albert”, This AI bot can perform a complex quires in a second.

This bot empowered with advanced algorithms like ComputerVision technology linked directly with the Skytells’s Cloud-based DeepBrain AI, some of the complex tasks Albert can do in medical research was detection of Metastatic breast-cancer.


Data transmutation between the AI-bot and users is analyzed and delivered instantly via all supported gateways.


How Skytells AI detects COVID-19 Coronavirus?

At Skytells, We’ve developed an AI algorithm to analyze and train a big amount of pathological data, images, sources and composing the classification into an open model, these results of classifications can be used with our AI-Powered ComputerVision technology to detect the deceases, viruses by analyzing the pathological image.

Doctors are able to use this technology directly from one of our Albert gateway, such as Skytells’s official AI apps and social networks which hosts our bot.

The algorithm even suggests next steps for patients, or how to deal with insurance coverage.

How Deep can this Algorithm Go?

Skytells’s new AI-powered algorithm is powered by a real-time medical knowledge updates, so it can go even deeper than detection.

Using studies of big amount of cases, Skytells AI can predict chances of possible cardiac arrests regarding to the medical history and ECG readings.

Cardiac arrest is a sudden loss of blood flow resulting from the failure of the heart to pump effectively. Signs include loss of consciousness and abnormal or absent breathing. Some individuals may experience chest pain, shortness of breath, or nausea before cardiac arrest.
Since the algorithm analyzes every micro-pixel in picture, DeepBrain can draw and classify a virtual image of blood cells, IIR, in a neural-network model resulting a prediction of possible cardiac arrests regarding the medical history for the patient. – ECG reading is required for this operation.


We at Skytells will not just stop here, Because Health is important Our research in health continues every day, If you are a doctor, You can use our bot to find medical information about COVID-19 using one of our Gateways, and here is one of that Talk to Albert

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